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Welcome to AntlerPure Chews Plus Providing Antler Pure Dog Chews and more

Welcome to AntlerPure Chews Plus Providing Antler Pure Dog Chews and more

Welcome to AntlerPure Chews Plus Providing Antler Pure Dog Chews and more Welcome to AntlerPure Chews Plus Providing Antler Pure Dog Chews and more

AntlerPure Chew Sizing Guide



Under 10 lbs



10-20 lbs



20-40 lbs



40-70 lbs



70-100 lbs



Over 100 lbs

About our Sizes

Above is a general guide to choosing the most appropriate antler chew for your dog based on their size and weight. You should also take into consideration the chewing habits of your dog when deciding on a Whole Elk Antler, Split Elk Antler, Whole White Tail Deer Antler or Moose Antler. If your dog is on the upper end of a size range or a more vigorous chewer we suggest purchasing the next size up so that the antler last longer. A smaller dog can always handle a larger chew but an undersized chew for a larger or more aggressive chewer will not last very long and could become a choking hazard. When it comes to durability, we rank the chews in the following order starting with the softest. The softest is Split Elk, then Whole Elk. We then rate the Moose as the middle of the density and then the densest is the White Tail Deer. 

Choosing the Right Antler

Let's Compare Elk vs Moose and White Tail Deer Antlers


Whole Elk Antlers


These are great for harder chewing dogs that already enjoy antler chews since the marrow is not exposed other than on the cut ends. These antlers are a bigger challenge for your dog and will last much longer. Whole Elk Antler chews vary in density depending on what part of the antler they come from. Pieces closer to the base of the antler are very dense and pose a harder chewing challenge, whereas the pieces close to the end of the antler are softer and easier to chew. 


Split Elk Antlers

Split Elk Antlers are cut down the middle to expose the marrow. These are great for puppies, older dogs or dogs that are new to chewing antlers. These will not last as long for hard chewing dogs but are still a terrific treat and your canine will go crazy over them.

Moose Antler

Moose Antlers

The Moose Antlers are just slightly harder than the Elk and they have a unique texture and shape. Moose Antler chews have the “tasty” marrow exposed on 3 to 4 sides and allows your dog to get right to it without lots of effort. Easier to chew than a regular antler and good for an older dog that can’t chew vigorously or as an introduction to puppies and dogs that have never had an antler chew before. 


Whole White Tail Deer Antlers

White Tail Deer Antler is much harder and denser than elk antler. Deer antlers have less marrow and a thicker outer core which makes them great for very hard chewing breeds that need more of a challenge. If properly sized to your dog’s weight and chewing habits, deer antlers should last your dog much longer. 

Antler Sizes

Petite Sized Antler Chews

Petite Antler Chew

These are for Petite sized dogs that are under 10 

 Pounds such as Chihuahuas, Yorkshire Terriers, Papillons, and Toy Poodles.

Small Sized Antler Chews

Small Antler Chew

These are for Small sized dogs ranging in size   from 10 – 20 pounds such as Pugs, Dachshunds,  Spaniels, Jack Russel Terriers, and Miniature Schnauzers. 

Medium Sized Antler Chews

Medium Antler Chews

These are for Medium sized dogs ranging in size     from 20 – 40 pounds such as Beagles, Border  Collies, Corgis, Cocker Spaniels and Brittany’s. 

Large Sized Antler Chews

Large Antler Chews

These are for Large sized dogs ranging in size from 40 – 70 pounds such as Labs, Goldens, Basset Hounds, Collies, Dalmatians and Boxers.

X-Large Sized Antler Chews

X-Large Antler Chews

These are for X-Large sized dogs ranging in size from 70 – 90 pounds such as German Shepherds, Rottweilers, English Sheepdogs, Dobermans, American Bulldogs, and Ridgebacks. 

Giant Sized Antler Chews

Giant Antler Chews

These are for Giant sized dogs that are over 100 pounds such as Great Danes, Saint Bernard’s, Bernese Mountain Dogs, Mastiffs, Newfoundland’s, Great Pyrenees, and Irish Wolfhounds.